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  1. Thanks for the reply Carpo. I had the service done in April with the main dealer so the oil levels should have been ok. As there is no manual way to test I checked on the electronic check and it reported OK. I did visit the main dealer to ask their advice in the meantime and they felt sure it was down to the regeneration and the time it had decided to regen, in very slow moving traffic and I was unusually quite low on fuel. It hasn't shown a problem since so I'm hoping it was a one off
  2. Thanks for your response Leo. In your opinion, would it be worth taking the car to the dealers just to get it checked out. The general performance of the car seems to be OK in regards to acceleration and running. Could the fact that it stood quite a lot without being used exacerbate this fault
  3. Hi, I have had my XF 2.2 diesel for just over 4 years and never until today experienced any faults with it. It has covered 40,000 mile and been dealer serviced from new. It was last serviced in March 19 and hasn't covered many miles since service. I had driven around 50 miles yesterday and was stuck in a queue of very slow moving traffic when I could smell fumes inside the cabin. Initially I thought it was exhaust from the car in front but shortly after that I noticed a smoke coming from the gaps around the front of the bonnet. When I got an opportunity to stop away from the traffic I had a look under the bonnet but could see nothing out of sorts. The fuel was quite low at the time but I can't see why that would cause an issue. The drive home went fine and I didn't notice the smell again. I filled the car to max today and had a short drive and although I haven't seen any smoke today I did feel there was a bit of smell still after parking. I wondered if anyone could shed some light on this or has had the same issue, thanks in anticipation.