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  1. Hi All, Just had an ECU refresh to fix the warm start problems, and Very happy that this has fixed the issue. It seems to have had other positive effects on the general running of the car, with seemingly more power and economy to boot. I have seen that the ecu update has this effect with a more up to date map but before I get too excited, would just like to get the opinions of anybody else that has has this done. Is there tangible improvements or am I just dreaming 🤔
  2. Hi all, I'm Ady and I've Just broken My jag virginity 😉. Recently taken ownership of a Diesel X Type, and loving it. As any 19 year old car, It has its issues but is in surprisingly good nick and feels so tight and assured to drive. With just 95k on the clock and a fsh, I decided to take the gamble which, although still early days (and despite the warm starting issues that I hope to get flashed away) I'm very happy I did. I figure this is the best place to come for any info and help that may be required, and look forward to a long stay.