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  1. Pash

    Boot release

    Ha ha so does mine at the moment Jon boot lid jealousy, brilliant 😂
  2. Pash

    Boot release

    Has anyone converted the boot lid in an XF to enable it to open fully and not just a few inches
  3. I’ve also read on another thread that the bonnet has to be closed, is there a sensor on the bonnet then as well?
  4. Oooh thanks for that Leo, I’ll check with the garage
  5. Good evening Im about to take delivery of an 08 XF but it is having problems showing low coolant intermittently but coolant level is ok and the garage can’t find the fault yet. Sensor and coolant headed tank have been replaced. Is this a frequent know fault with this model. XF 2.7 Luxury premium? regards Pash