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  1. Hi Guys and Gals. Im going down to the Jaguar breakfast meet next Sat 5th October. Its at the British Motor Museum. Im a newby Jaguar XKR owner and would like to meet some other owners to hopefully chat about our amazing motors. Btw not just to see XKRs, I love old classics just as much. So are any of you friendly folk going to be there? Have some of you been? Whats it like? After just over a week of getting my new toy, Im still loving it and can't wait to press the starter button each day.
  2. Thanks Guys, I found something in a post this morning mentioning red stuff, yellow stuff etc. Somebody was saying that they had to get a grinder to cut a space for the sensers. 😕 I hope this isn't the case for the XKR. Can someone tell me that its A straight forward fit. And also If possible, whats the difference between red stuff, yellow stuff and green stuff. Are they different grades? does someone know the part number for a 2009 5.0 litre supercharged XKR cheers again.
  3. Hi guys, got my new XKR 2 days ago. Absolutely love it. But there's one thing that bothers me. All 4 of my wheels are covered in brake dust. Im not driving any differently to when I drive my Mazda MX5. That car hardly ever spewed any brake dust and I used to drive that hard frequently. Is this normal for a XKR or is it do with the quality of the pads? Its only ever been serviced by a Jaguar dealer or specialist. It's a 2009 model and only has 29000 miles on the clock. Cheers for any help on this
  4. Wow this machine is the most awesome thing. Dynamic mode, foot down and OMG what a rush. The torque is magnificent, it just keeps pulling and pulling. Amazing!!!
  5. Hi. New member intro. So I'm a bit of a petrol head and have recently been struggling to decide what should be my next car. I've looked at the new Honda civic type r gt. I've looked at a few Tvrs. I've looked at Porsche 911s, caymans. Then someone suggested a Jaguar XKR. Mmm I'd always had the impression that Jags were poorly built, unreliable and costly to run. Anyway I've done lots of reading and researching and came to the opinion that in fact the XKR is rather like a unsung hero. Just quietly working in the background, only appreciated by those that actually own one. I went to test drive one today. A 2009, 5.0 litre supercharged V8. Kayanite blue, R dynamic trim. I was just blown away. The looks, the equipment, and that amazing block under the hood. Wow! Now, I'm hard of hearing, but when the sales guy put it in sport mode and I pressed the throttle, I heard that intoxicating growl. My god, I gotta have me one of these. So tomorrow I'm picking this car up. Just 29000 miles on the clock. Jaguar service history and a recent health check by jaguar. Not sure I'm going to be able to sleep tonight. I'll drop some pics tomorrow If I can prise myself out of it lol