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  1. Jon / Trevor, thanks for the response - So last night I did go and give it a wipe, and the problem improved, i.e. it did not go away entirely, the system still selected options on the touchscreen by itself. Then I gave it a really good wipe, and the problem did go away for the remainder of my journey (15 mins). However this morning, with a spotlessly clean touchscreen, the problem has returned. Devastated to say the least. I'm wondering could there be an issue with something behind the screen, because for sure the wipe I gave it last night definitely improved things ? I'm also tempted to to a battery disconnect/reconnect, would that be worth a try ? Cheers, Paul
  2. I have a 2016 Jaguar XF R-Sport, 42000 miles, and its never given me a hint of a problem until now. The problem is that the Touch Screen now has a life of its own. Once switched on, it automatically flickers from screen to screen, randomly selecting any and all options that appear on the screen. I can't change anything because it immediately changes it to something else. For example, I can't listen to the radio because it constantly changes station. cI can't make a phone call because it hangs up and then starts ringing other people or random numbers. I can't manage the heating direction. And now I am completely stuck because, whist in Settings, it has automatically selected the Chinese language, and so its unreadable now. I have done some research and similar problems seem to relate to the battery or Bluetooth module. Any help, or anyone who may have similar experience, it would be great to hear from you. Here are a few videos of the problem https://youtu.be/Aj2KohLkcSU https://youtu.be/MGLuSMfeqO4 Cheers