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  1. Thank you Joe. That has helped me out a lot. Thanks Colin
  2. Sorry, which Bluetooth module and any extra cables would I need to be able to use my phone in the car as screen says phone not fitted. I have searched on my phone to get it to air but wont. Thanks
  3. Good Morning Hello everyone I am Colin and recently acquired a 2.7TD. I have in the boot the voice module 2R8F-14B292-BD and the phone module 2W93-19K350-AD, factory mic above driver and in the arm rest compartment under the storage bin there is a connection already made which I assume is running back to the boot. What I am asking is which Bluetooth module would I need or would be compatable as there are so many different ones ending in A* something, also would I need anything else in addition to make the system work. Thank you for your time Colin