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  1. Just welded sills on mine and had to snap all my clips off, on replacing the plastic trim found the easiest way was seeing as the new sills needed to be drilled with new holes, I used a 1/16 inch drill and screwed the trim back on using stainles steel self tapping screws with flat washers. Mines 15yrs old now so don't expect the covers will be coming off for at least another 15yrs.
  2. I've just had the same problem with my 2.7 after fitting a new brake booster. The handbrake and brake fault light was on and the gear shift was stuck in park, on re inspecting under the dash I noticed that the brake peddle has a flat plate on it which activates the two switches, the bottom switch activates the cruise control and the top one activates the gear shift gate, the handbrake, the brake fault light and the brake lights on inspection I noted that the activation plate on the peddle was just and so touching both switches, I tried adjusting the peddle on the brake booster rod but It if you do that the rod keeps falling out from its mount on the peddle, very dangerous, my solution was to start the engine and depress the puddle as far as possible with your elbow and fit a piece of windscreen washer tube, about 1/2 an inch long over the plastic rod on the switch so as to extend it by only about 1/4" l did this on both switches and since then have had no troubles at all everything including the cruise control now work.j