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  1. Surprisingly, my car didnt have any lights to come on but my battery was dead so I got a new one. It runs off of unleaded gas. The gear shifted fine . My brother would drive it down the block ever so often just to keep it up. My Michelin tires dry rotted so I had them replaced as well. I'm kinda tired of all the (certified mechanics) telling me this and that is the issue. I'm out of alot of money so far and starting not to trust these reputable service providers. I took it to the jag dealership and every code that came up I had the work done. So now I'm just trying to figure it out $$$$$'s later. Again, thanx for your suggestions.
  2. How do you know when you need a fuel filter? I asked because I don't think it has never been replaced. My car sat up when I was diagnosed with stage 3c ovarian cancer for a year or two. I replaced anything which a code came up and the check engine light is on and the only thing that's coming up is gearbox fault. Could trash set up in the filter that's why I'm not getting the speed needed? I really appreciate you guys helping me out.
  3. Thanx for the info. My transmission is switching gears without a problem, when I press on the gas pedal my it's like I'm not getting gas to move until I press continuously that's when it moves.
  4. Hello, it's an automatic. Where is it located to check the fluids?
  5. Hello, it's an automatic. Where is it located to check the fluids?
  6. Good morning jag lovers! Please help. I replaced the throttle body with a new one hoping that it took care of the problem it didn't. My car is an 02 2.5 sport x type and the gearbox is on in my car. My car starts up without a problem and when you hit the accelerator it drives slowly but you can hear the rpms as you press on the gas pedal. Then it picks up speed and it's fine until you come to a stop or red light, then the process starts all over again. Any suggestions?