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  1. Davy B

    DPF full

    My light came on them red restricted found out inlet manifold split so I had it fixed and dpf cleaned £1200 not bad sold car now but it was best engine I had driven
  2. Davy B

    DPF Problem

    Forgot to ask how do you tell when it has done regen
  3. Davy B

    DPF Problem

    Hi Mick just got my car back yesterday seems ok but I am not £1240 new inlet manifold as it was cracked and I suspect helped fill up the DPF which put on the red triangle and limp mode 2012 xf Still love the car but think it may get traded as if the other side cracks I will have to take in a lodger Inlet manifold Replaced and DPF cleaned faults cleared £1240 only done 96k and full jaguar history Jagtech at Teeside fixed it proper motor engineers Jaguar trained
  4. Hi all thanks for letting me join David