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  1. Hi there, I am due to replace the rear tyres on my wifes F type , a 2017, 380. I have never been too happy with the factory fitted Pirellis and am looking to fit Michelin PS4s. Jaguar seem reluctant to tell me if this could create warranty issues( can't see why personally). Just wondered if anyone could offer any advice on this issue.
  2. Hi Jon, prices do vary but shopping around both brands are similar at around £250 each, expensive but they are wide tyres on the rear. I think I shall hold on for a couple of weeks to see if more info comes through. Thanks very much for your comments
  3. Thanks for the info Peter, I will certainly check them out. I used to fit pilot sport on my wifes MX5 several years ago and found at the time that they performed well until half worn, when the grip would disappear and the car would be come unstable. I have seen the glowing reports on F type forums for the Michelins compared to the Pirellis so initially thought that would be the way to go. I personally have never rated Pirellis too high on any car that I have owned. Thanks again. Regards Des
  4. Hi there, We are due to change the rear tyres on my wifes V6 R Dynamic 2017. People are saying the Michelins are a huge improvement on the factory fitted Pirellis. Any thoughts on this