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  1. Hi Both, Thank you for your replies, I had no idea that this was a dodgy thing to do! I would never want to take any risk where insurance and MOT are concerned, so I will definitly not be going down that route. Since my last post I had managed to clear the DPF by taking the car for a run down the motoraway, But....... Unfortunatly the car went into restricted mode when I let the diesel run down to 25 miles range, looking on the internet it said that fueI being low could have been the problem. I filled up and the problem went away for about a week. It has now gone into
  2. Hello, I am having problems every now and then with the DPF warning light on my 2009 Jaguar XF. I dont do any motorway driving, only short trips so I know this is why it is happening but I really like the car Someone said that I could take the DPF out and have it re-mapped, as anyone done this and is it advisable? Thanks for your help in advance Steve
  3. Having same problem Changed crank sensor.coil packs now i am stuck just going to shop did you manage sort yours
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