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  1. Hi thanks for geting back to me it looks like jon [2011 xf -3.0d] 750 rpm sounds like min should on my 2010 3.0s. be as i am only getting about 21 mpg not good !!!!
  2. Hi there it sounds like my xf 3.0 engine is reving a bit high at idle. can some one please tel me what it should be as i cant find it any were!!!
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    HI Karl do you use Redex RADD0016A Professional Diesel Particulate Filter DPF Cleaner Treatment ? if not please tel me witch one you use i have had my xf 3.0 s for 5 weeks and had the red light come on 3times ... took i for a drive and got rid of it . took it back to mike were i got the xf frome and he sorted it out for me.. as i drive it town a lot for now i would like to stop the dpf red light coming on again -----
  4. Hi Nigel i have had my 2010 3.0 xf for 5weeks and my lights are the same on diped headlights[ candles] so i use main beam when its clear to do so ..there must be someone on here that can help us ???