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  1. New owner (well...I say new...I had a 2.0 diesel x-type 7 years ago) But just got hold of a nice 2.2 diesel x-type in fantastic nick for the year ('06)...I love these cars! Just popped in to say I've just joined, so hello peeps, looking forward to contributing to the group. Steve
  2. Hi, just acquired an x type 2.2 diesel, and it's sluggish on initial pull-away. When I got it, the EML light was on, and was told it was because the EGR valve had been removed. I've had a look, and yes, there's no EGR valve, there is the loose plug which WOULD have been connected to the EGR valve, had it been there. Where the EGR valve should have been is a piece of metal pipework, connecting to the normal large bore tube that goes to the intercooler??? There doesn't appear to be splits in the large rubber tube/hose, but it DOES appear to be oily around where it connects to the intercooler. Any ideas what to do to get this old girl going a bit better? I will Inspect the large hose again tomorrow to make sure it's free of splits. Help, peeps???