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  1. Hi Trevor. Thanks for your reply. I have not taken the cylinder heads of the 4.2 l since its a daily driver so i can not compare them at the moment. Just wanted to be sure before i do the work. I will post new info as soon as i know. Best regards Carl Johan
  2. Hello Everyone. New to the forum and i have questions regarding the cylinder heads. Is it the same cylinder heads on a 1999 S-type 4.0 V8 as it is on a 2003 S-type 4.2 V8? And if not, what will the difference be? And if one engine uses VCT and one does not (as i understand the supercharged does not), will the cylinder heads still be the same ? Reason i ask is that i just bought a 4.0 l engine and plan to tune these cylinder heads and after work is done put them on a 4.2l. Thank you and all the best from Carl Johan