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  1. In my last post I should have included the fact that the engine is a 3.0 litre diesel.
  2. My son has a 2010 XF. over the last couple of days he has had a warning light to tell him that the coolant level is low. He has topped up the system, but he has noticed that the level is getting low again, and there is a small amount of steam issuing from around the top of the engine. I am based in Durham and my son lives in Surrey, so I'm not able to look at the car myself. I strongly suspect a head gasket is blown; has anyone else had this fault with an XF and if so, what is the remedy?
  3. I am a member of this club because my son has an XF Portfolio, but unfortunately is not mechanically-minded! His car has the same problem as all the others on this thread, in that his fuel gauge has stopped working. As he lives in the South East of England and I live in Durham, I cannot see the car to assess the fault, but I would guess that there are two options for the fault; either the sender unit is not working due to a defective float, or the sender unit wiring is corroded/loose. In the past I have had this fault on other cars I have owned, and found that either of these faults are relati
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