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  1. Hi. First time Jaguar owner (moved from Audi/VW for a change). 2016 XE - 2.0D - 64k on clock Looking for advice and information on servicing. I bought it from a Jaguar franchised dealership, where it had apparently just had a service done, then within 4 noticed the oil was below the minimum level. topped up and it hasnt dropped since (6 weeks later). They toped it up as a good will gesture but I am still not happy. I am dubious as to whether the service happened so want to change the oil myself for peace of mind. I was thinking of getting an oil extractor kit to do an interim oil change, as I wil still take in into my local Jag dealer for main servicing. Is there a general concensus on which oil to use (using correct Jag spec oil)and where do people buy their oil from?