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  1. Hi Only owned my Jag a couple of months (2016 2.0d XE) so still learning what's what! Am I missing something or is there no way to get the dash to display the time/distance to the next service? All searching has brought me back is that the dash will display a countdown when it gets near to the service disance/time. However my car has come with 12 months complimentary "Remote Connect" that allows me to use an app to connect to the car to lock/unlock, check status etc. The App tells me how many miles to service under the 'Status' section - current 15k miles, but I cannot find the same in the Dash menu or entertainment system menus. I was wondering because if the App is showing the information, then the car is hold the data and was wondering why I cannot get to it without a subsciption to the Remote Connect service?
  2. Thanks Trevor. I have used OpieOils before when I changed the Oils on my Audis. I have been struggling to tell the difference between when an oil is 'approved' for the STJLR.03.5007 specification, and those that simply claim they meet the standard, and whether that matters at all? it also seems difficult to find the correct ol sold in larger quantities, they are most sold in 1ltr bottles, except for Miller and Total on the opieOils site (I need 6.5 ltrs).
  3. Hi. First time Jaguar owner (moved from Audi/VW for a change). 2016 XE - 2.0D - 64k on clock Looking for advice and information on servicing. I bought it from a Jaguar franchised dealership, where it had apparently just had a service done, then within 4 noticed the oil was below the minimum level. topped up and it hasnt dropped since (6 weeks later). They toped it up as a good will gesture but I am still not happy. I am dubious as to whether the service happened so want to change the oil myself for peace of mind. I was thinking of getting an oil extractor kit to do an interim oil change, as I wil still take in into my local Jag dealer for main servicing. Is there a general concensus on which oil to use (using correct Jag spec oil)and where do people buy their oil from?