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  1. Basically my front radiator grill has been damaged and would need replacement but a used part cost much more than one from an X260. So my question is does the grill of an X260 fit an X250? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, I've recently purchased my first Jaguar (XF 2009) and have previously owned a C-Class Mercedes. Thought it was a good idea to join another owners club for some tips and tricks from more experienced members. So a little bit about the car: - Its was a part exchanged with BMW sold at auction and bought by the dealer as he's daily - He owned it for about 1 year and has done some work on the car mainly the tyres, alloys, brakes and suspension - I was advised to change the battery and timing belt as it has done 106k The car has an ABS fault that comes on every so often and resets I have been told that it might just be a faulty wire or battery. I also got 24 months warranty as part of the package so I've been driving it hard to find more faults that is hopefully covered. Is there anything else I need to keep in mind ? Thanks in advance