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  1. A very helpful lady at Jaguar informs me that apparently my model does not have the lever - see below: Thank you for your email dated 9th February 2020. I note your question regarding the headlights on your Jaguar XK when driving in France. I have taken this opportunity to liaise with our Technical Team and they have advised your vehicle headlights are of the bi xenon type. Therefore, they are a flat beam and do not require adjustment, hence the lever not being present. I hope this answers your question and should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me. Yours sincerely, Sharon Casey Customer Solutions Executive UK Customer Experience Centre Superb service from Jaguar Customer Care Centre for both my recent queries.
  2. I will be registering my 2011 XK in France and will need to change the headlight direction for left hand drive. Looking on the internet it appears the XF has a lever that can be moved to change the headlight direction, has anyone any info on this - is there any instructions anywhere. I do not want to buy two replacement headlights if at all possible....dread to think of the cost.
  3. Received diagram from Jaguar - problem solved!
  4. Just bought a lovely 2011 xk portfolio convertable with only 36,000 miles, very excited. I need a certificate of Conformity and Jaguar have sent a list of requirements and form to complete, looks straightforward. However they need photos of 3 VIN number locations, on front or should I say under front window, done. On passenger door frame to also show weights etc, done. On the Chassis....PROBLEM, search as I may, books, internet etc I cannot find any reference or see myself a VIN on the chassis. Can anyone help?