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  1. Hello i have had the gearbox serviced today and it now much smoother when pulling away and changing down.😎
  2. Hello I have a slight problem with the transmission on the above car. The gearbox is very smooth under normal driving conditions but when pulling away from a junction and also when slowing down to a low speed it feels quite sharp. Does anyone have any experience of the above and do you think having the gearbox serviced with new oil and filter pan would make any difference. Regards Mike Hall.
  3. Hello I have a 2007 S Type Diesel with a Fuel Gauge that appears faulty.The needle can point anywhere whenever the ignition is turned on and I was just wondering if I purchased a second hand instrument cluster from eBay if it is possible to change just the fuel gauge as this may be a cheaper option to having it diagnosed at a main dealer. Thank You.
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