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  1. This is one for the tech's. I think that I'm very tech savvy however this one has me stumped, I hope someone else has had this issue. This intermittent fault starts with the wiper's moving very slow when not switched on the car throws just about every warning on the dash, then if you turn the wiper's on the engine stop's. I can't find any common denominator as to to when or why this happens. HELP!!!
  2. Hi to all. Is there any common problems with the air suspension as I think mine has no air left in it as the ride seems to be hard and very noisy with road noise. If anyone can advise me would be a great help. Thanks in advance, Stewart
  3. HI would anyone have access to a parts catalogue. Many thanks Stewart
  4. Hi tried to open door from inside was ok before however on this occasion pulled a little hard and something let go cracked the small chrome plastic trim that surrunds the handle assembly now the interior door handle is sitting about half way out, the lock button is in the correct position the handle will not go back in,the only way to open the door is hold out the interior handle pull out the lock button and the outside handle at the same time. The interior handle moves but does not seem to do anything and i notice that the black plastic assembly is cracked I have got a new one on the way but
  5. For my first post hi to all club members. I have a 2003 XJR V6 in lovely grey with blood red interior love the car. Regards Stewart
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