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  1. Love my 2012 XKR r v8! can anyone tell me the difference between a Minor and Major service please and a rough cost of each i have a good Independent locally thanks David
  2. Can anyone please recommend a battery for a 2012 XKR V8 coupe please I have just had a low battery warning and my independent says its fine but I want to get prepared just in case as know Merc AMG batteries but not Jag ones It has 21000 miles when I bought it last October it has been used about 3/4 times a week usually for local trips but the occasional one for 1/2 trips via motorway SERVICE MESSAGE It was serviced by the garage I bought it from last October ( they are a family garage specialising in 3+ year old Jags bought from a nearby main dealer who doesn't want older cars on their forecourt!) and now I am getting a service required message on the display.I have done about 2000 miles since I bought it last October ( total 23000 now). So shall I bring the service forward or ask my good local independent jaguar specialist to remove the service required message and take it into him as planned in October ? Many thanks all PS Love the car -an old mans treat that will never be sold !!
  3. Many thanks Yes they are expensive but finding any on a car being dismantled is virtually impossible Since its part of an insurance claim due to road issues outside my property it will go through my insurers so they will fund the work David
  4. Thanks and some just arrived from Humbrol David
  5. I have a 2011 Jaguar 5 litre coupe in white I am looking for the very lower centre diffuser (bottom spoiler) and the corner nearside one too Any colour but white would be good If anyone can help it would be appreciated whether yiu have them or know someone who has or someone breaking this model Thanks David
  6. Hi allfo@ I have a set of black gloss kalimnos alloy wheels on my 2012 Jaguar XKR coupeall I need to know where I can get some touch up paint preferably in brush and/ or spray form Please reply if you have touched up yours or can help Thanks David WWoi Would anyone know where I could get somenfo@alloypaints.comypaints.com
  7. So which do you recommend for a XKR V8 coupe 2012 Thanks
  8. Hi everyone Just bought a 2012 XKR V8 coupe with 21k in white Where do I find the plate/sticker for the colour code for the white I have Its not on either doors or pillars -unless removed by first owner ! Thanks David
  9. I appreciate red is not to everyones taste but on the 2012 XKR V8 coupe with 21k in white with black wheels the red calipers look ok But there need a good clean- probably never done properly - and touching up So advice please on how to get the grime off and an appropriate red brush on paint (not spray) that hopefully is the right red as I can find no information of what shade of red the calipers are Thanks David
  10. Hi all i have my first XKR - 2011 V8 one owner 21000 miles and a full service history it has the extra spoiler and side trim and due to issues at the bottom of my drive that the local Council still have to sort out the bottom of the front spoiler scrapes on the road coming and going out .It has resulted in an insurance claim to the Council who have had 7 months to sort i have looked for the paint code on the inside of the drivers door but there is nothing there and the passenger door only has the tyre pressure plate on so where the paint code sticker if anyone can advise me please ? - the car bright white colour thanks
  11. Hi Bought my first XKR V8 2012 year with 21,000 miles and one owner with full main dealer history etc last October and very pleased with it so joined the Club When the car was delivered it has been completely cleaned inside and smelt great !! naturally this great smell faded so I contacted the dealer who advised he used Autoglym leather cream Can anyone advise on this as I hate these smelly things that dangle from the drivers mirror or stick in the air vent Thanks