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  1. Dear Jaguar fan it has come to my attention that e - bay has a 1978 XJS V12 for sale, and it’s red, registration DUA 619T. The mileage is Advertised with a mileage around 55,000 miles - which is false, as when he sold it in 1981, it had done a minimum of 70,000 miles. The car was bought new, by my father, From Appleyard of Ripon ( Leeds branch). The service book indicates a stamp from Glasgow, which is false, as the car in its first three years never went to Scotland, never mind Glasgow. The car was abused by my father, so much so, that when it was part exchanged for a another XJS HE, he bought a fiesta for daily use, leaving the XJS for weekend fun. I just wanted to let any purchaser know, that DUA 619 T is NOT genuine, as advertised.