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  1. Ok, tried with the security sounder reconnected and no difference. I have removed it now to see if it's repairable but that's for another day. i put a link wire across the pump terminals in the relay base so the pump runs all the time and tried to start the engine, no go. It turns over ok but isn't firing so the problem is effecting the injection and or ignition too, :( Did get a P code, 1230 which is fuel pump relay failure! I know it's not a faulty relay because I've both tested and substituted it. Finally the inertia cutoff switch seems to be pressed in as it should be.
  2. I have a similar problem to Lesxk8 but rather than hijack his thread I though it better to start my own. It appears that the ecm isn't switching the fuel pump relay. Pump is ok and I can run it with a jump across the relay base terminals. The relay has been swapped with another and no change. The only code I am reading is low fuel pressure. The problem showed when I went to drive the car out of the garage, it fired and ran for a second or so then died, I guess as the residual fuel pressure decayed. I have checked all fuses, I did find one blown for the security sounder circuit. I have disconne
  3. Hi, new member from North Essex, small village called Helions Bumpstead, I kid you not, it's real. Any fans of Reggie Perrin will know of his degree in applied manure from the university of steeple Bumpstead which is just down the road. But I digress, to Jaguars, I have an 02 XK8 ragtop and an 09 X-Type estate. The xk in particular is giving me a lot of grief and has been off the road for a couple of years but I'm back on the case and trying to get it sorted now. Looking for help and advice and also hoping I can give back to the community in some way.
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