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  1. Dear members, I wondered what folks view is of fitting better quality front discs and breaks. A company called Adamesh sell a pair of slotted discs for £240 and high performance break pads to go with them for £94. The breaking on my car is average, the legal required I suppose, but not particularly sharp. Thanks very much, Tim.
  2. Dear members, I hope everyone is well. I am enquiring about engine oil. The price difference between fully synthetic and semi-synthetic for the required 5W-30 is quite noticeable and I would appreciate advice on what the difference is and whether the additional price is worth it?. My car has done just over 206,000 miles and uses I think probably a little more than when the engine was less worn. Just looking at a website called carparts4less (I'm not paying the rip-off £8.00 or more for half a litre as charged by most petrol stations), and 5 ltrs of semi-synthetic is £16.27 compared to from £37.88 upwards for fully synthetic. Thanks very much, Tim.
  3. That's great thank you both, I will give it a try. Regards, Tim.
  4. Thanks Peter. It looks like there are 4 in the bumper. How do I find out which one is faulty? kind regards Tim
  5. Dear members. I have a 2003 XJ6 which I bought requiring various niggles to be fixed. I have had them all done now apart from the reversing sensors. Sometimes when engaging reverse, as short bleep does start but does not last very long and then stops. Please could somebody advise the probable fix and how much it might cost? Thank you very much, Tim.
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