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  1. So this afternoon in 30 degree heat my XE whilst stopped at the lights engine cut off and I got an amber warning that Dynamic Stability Control failure. It took a few seconds before car would start. I have since started and run the car and no more warning lights. Anyone had the same issue?
  2. Looks lovely, so long as you have the full service history and being a company car the mileage as you say will be on the motorway. Enjoy.
  3. I got it from a dealership and paid extra for a 3 year full warranty, Think i may try and get a re-gas and test first. Just that I read some post saying it was a common issue with earlier Jaguars. Thank you for your advice.
  4. I picked my XE R sport 2015 up in March. Only just tried to use the air con but its blowing warm air. Is there a historic fault, i.e the condenser or does it just need a re-fill?
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