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  1. Can anyone recommend a decent battery replacement for a 1966 3.8s?
  2. Hi all, I am just going through things to be replaced on my 1966 3.8s jag and I have looked on sng barratt and Martin robey for a replacement air intake hose and both have said not available and no replacements. Can anyone advise if they have had to buy one and where from. Thank you
  3. Hi I am in a bit of a problem. I had my front calipers refurbed and when I went to fit them and pit the pads in the bolt snapped off. I cannot find where to but new ones to correct the problem. I have tried sng Barrett who say they are unavailable possibly not manufactured anymore, I also looked to combat the problem with buying new pad supports, also unavailable. I have a jaguar 3.8s 1966. With the expertise on here I wondered if anyone can help. Thank you
  4. Hi Jimbov8. Thank you. I know it sounds a stupid question but do you know if by chance the 1966 3.8s has dual brake master cylinders, if I am looking in the right place it looks like 2.
  5. Hi, I am 're doing my brakes for a jaguar 3.8s 1966. I am new to this so am asking for advice. I am trying to locate the brake master cylinder to check if it needs replacing before I bleed the brake system as have fitted new discs, calipers and pads. Can someone please advise as have looked in the manual and it doesn't show the exact location. Many thanks
  6. Morning everyone Im looking for somewhere to refurbish my front callipers in or around North Dorset for my 1966 3.8s any ideas or experiences would be welcome regards Tony M
  7. Good morning I have a 1966 3.8s and would like to upgrade the radiator fan and motor Any experience in this ? or suggestions please Thank you in advance Tony M
  8. Good afternoon and thank you for allowing me to join
  9. Hi all, I am purchasing a 1966 jaguar and as I need to drive it home where do I stand in relation to tax. I understand it’s historical tax but with the system now in place how do I assure it is taxed before I drive it home. thanks in advance
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