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  1. Hi all been having problems with my fuel gauge coming on then going off, stared about 4 months ago went off once then got more regular, anyone got any ideas for quick fixe has selling car in a couple of months, it's a XF 2.2 2012. THANKS Graham.
  2. Hi all I need some help about 3 weeks ago all of a sudden the fuel gauge stopped working for about a minute, then about 4 days later stopped again then came back on today done it again, please can anybody tell me what to look at or any ideas. Thank Graham.
  3. Hi All I pick up a XF next week and was thinking about a tow bar for a tow bar fitted cycle rack nothing to heavy, does anybody have a idea on a price to have one fitted, I live in Derbyshire could anyone recommend a place to have one fitted. Thanks.
  4. I am buying a 2012 XF and the air vents do not rotate when you start up , do all air vents rotate or is there a problem.Thanks.
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