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  1. Hi everyone, hope you're all safe and well. Question about diesel engines please. As previously stated, I'm in the process of saving for an XF, and am planning on buying in July/August of 2021. I've managed to drive both the 2 litre R Sport XF and a 3 litre V6 XJ, as I wanted to experience both engines. I have to say the V6 is much the smoother power unit and it didn't appear to give me the kick in the back that the 2-litre turbo did. However, it was difficult to open it up on the road I was on. So, to my question. I'm planning and hoping this car will last me a very long time. I'd like to get as low a mileage model as I can. However, with regular maintenance and looking after do I need to worry if I'm touching 200K miles in it? Should I be OK getting a 3 litre XF with 30-40k on the clock? Or... should I still try and get as low a mileage as possible? It's all about getting as good a car I can on the money I will have available. If I can get a better appointed model with 40K on the clock for £20,000 should I invest in that, or should I look at a less appointed model with 20K miles for around the same price. All swings and roundabouts. When I was young my Dad always wanted a low mileage car as it would last longer, and the engine was "getting done" by 100k miles. However, they were petrol engines. I think I know what your answer will be. Many thanks.
  2. Hi John, thanks for the reply. The dashcam would not be on all the time. However, there would be a tiny residual current available for my wireless switch which would turn the dashcam on. It's only there "just in case" for personal reasons in case.
  3. Hi. So, it's going to be an XF preferably a 3 litre R Sport. Saw a conatct in Halford yesterday as I was asking about dashcams and he informed me that I need to get a Version 3 XF. He explained the version 1 had a permanant live feed due to the cigar lighter, but in version 2 the lighter was removed. In version 3 the fuse box was moved to the passenger side and the lighter reappeared and so did the permanant live feed. I need this feed as I may need the opportunity to remotly activate the dashcams - personal reasons. So my question is - What year does a version 3 XF start from? Thanks
  4. I'm still going bonkers thinking and talking about them most days. Went to Motorrange in Liverpool today in the hope of next week test driving an XJ - looked at a very nice black specimen only to notcie the salesman come out with trhe keys and show another couple around the car. Still if my numbers come up on tonights lottery I'mm have the ncie XJ50 at Inchcape in Preston!! Choices choices.
  5. If I may ask another question? Is it better to buy a Jaguar from an approved dealer and have them service it, or buy from a reputable independent retailer and use your own trusted mechanic to look after it? I feel I may know the answer already. Thank You.
  6. Hi everyone. Looking for advice on what model to buy. There are too many options to choose from and I don't know where to start (or stop), so your help would be appreciated. Presently I drive a Honda Civic which I'm happy with, but next year it's going to be a Jaguar. I've had my heart set on a XJ with my second choice being the XF, and finally if all else fails I'm definitely having an XE. I'm having a Jaguar and that's not negotiable. Recently I booked a test drive with a local independent dealer hoping to drive an XJ to make sure I could cope with it. The day came for my test drive but the XJ had been sold so I was offered a 2 litre XF R-Sport. Got out on the open road and gently put my foot down and I’m like WHAT THE ACTUAL…… (I’ll leave you to fill in the gaps). Never been so pleased with the power behind it and also a bit frightened too! I still want to try an XJ at some point. So here’s my dilemma. Do I be sensible and go with a 2 litre XF R-Sport? The 3 litre XF sounds nice and I would like the virtual instrument display, but can I get one on an XF 2 litre or 3 litre? Should I just go the whole hog and get a decent XJ? I’ve seen that road tax is an extra £300 a year for up to five years if the list price was above £40k. On the 2 litre models though I like the sounds of £30 road tax even on an R-Sport! Mileage… as little as possible. Interior… something nice, light and airy. Also I'll be approaching 60 and my insurance is hovering around the £500 mark I’m going to have about £20,000 to play with, probably under that, and anything over would be a struggle. I expect I’m asking too much. However, thanks for reading this essay and I look forward to being part of the Jaguar community – with an actual car in summer 2021.
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