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  1. I just joined the forum and am pleased to have just purchased a 2006 S-type. My last Jaguar was a 1967 S-type and I am very pleased to finally own another one. I had my 67 model for many years, pulled out the engine and auto gearbox and swapped in a Mark II manual. It was a lot of work and I don't recommend it to anyone. I found out some years later that it was probably only the bands needed adjusting in the auto ... it was nice, however, to have the baptism into Jaguar Ownership in this way. Anyone who has pulled out an S-type engine and gearbox inside a creaky wooden shed waiting for the roof to fall in probably understands my feelings ... Anyway, I hope my new S-type is not going to lead me in the same direction - i'm too old now for those kind of adventures. Regarding the styling, I am quite surprised how nice the newer model is. When it first came out I hated it, as most people did, yet somehow it has matured over time and now it looks to be a new modern classic. Comparing the style of the old and the new, the older model now seems to look ugly to my eyes (compared to how I felt about it in the day. It looks so bulky, yet of course, is let down by the less than perfect condition of many of them. The new model looks terrible also if the paint start to fade and peel (like one I saw a few days ago). Well, I hope this is enough to amuse you all. I haven't had time to study the website yet I am sure I will be finding out more in my inbox, hopefully. I am new to the UK and have not owned a vehicle in England. Could anyone recommend a good insurance company (price wise) and perhaps who know about S-type's? Thanks and best regards to all