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  1. Don't think there is a auxiliary battery on the x260 2016 model mine is the x250 2.2 with auxiliary battery my start/stop also stopped working charged both batteries still doesn't work think it's a known problem on these cars but I certainly don't miss it
  2. hi Dave,you can use premium diesel all the time if you wish up to you just the cost for me,i use STP ultra 5 in 1 every 4 to 5000 miles
  3. hi,yes it should just pop up an inch or so but there is a mod on tube to make it fully open but it is working as it should
  4. You can buy a cd and put it in your cd player but be careful there's some dodgy ones out there you could end up ballsing it up
  5. hi paulT thought you could take out the auxilary battery with no worries don't think you have to put slave on main battery or am i wrong ?
  6. Hi, i use premium diesel every third fill up and a fuel injector cleaner every 5000 miles
  7. Hi could be the wiring harness which goes through the boot lid into the boot I've heard that you can get a wire breakage with opening and closing the boot lid,there is a video on YouTube showing you how to do it IF it is that I'm no expert ,good luck 👍
  8. Try make up removal wipes
  9. Pops up about 2 inches but there is an upgrade you can do to make it fully open
  10. I personally would go 2014 sportbrake a handsome looking brute the 2016 has the tech but the 2014 has the better quality for me
  11. hi.i have the 2.2 and agree it is a bit agricultural not as smooth as the 3L but it has more than enough power for me, been very impressed with my jag great drivers car and would have another 2.2 ,you only really hear it when accelerating other than that its very quiet
  12. hi john,been left over night and took the reading this morning
  13. hi john,main battery 12.53v,auxiliary battery 12.84v
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