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  1. I personally would go 2014 sportbrake a handsome looking brute the 2016 has the tech but the 2014 has the better quality for me
  2. hi.i have the 2.2 and agree it is a bit agricultural not as smooth as the 3L but it has more than enough power for me, been very impressed with my jag great drivers car and would have another 2.2 ,you only really hear it when accelerating other than that its very quiet
  3. hi john,been left over night and took the reading this morning
  4. hi john,main battery 12.53v,auxiliary battery 12.84v
  5. Hi John use a ctek stop start charger says it will do agm,will check the voltage and get back
  6. Hi John,charged them both took it for a 5 mile run didn't work but I think it will need a good run what do you think and yeah I always put negative lead on the spare wheel clamping bolt
  7. thanks big john,had a new main battery last year so will do as you say and charge them both and if that doesn't work will replace the auxiliary battery,many thanks
  8. hi all/ eco has stopped working on my x250 xf tried charging the battery but still doesn't work so guessing will have to change the battery, is it just a straight in and out swap or will i have any ecu issues etc,thanks
  9. Hi all ,anyone had the dreaded xf washer pump problem
  10. Hi all,picking up my xf 2.2 r sport tomorrow my first Jag it's nice to meet you all
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