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  1. Team Just bought an F Type S AWD 3.0 which is 4 years old but only 14000 miles. With the purchase comes one year warranty which I would look to extend next year. I would welcome advice on what is best around cost of servicing (are service plans good value?) and what exactly constitutes a dealer that would not nullify the warranty. I can see even for service alone the prices vary dramatically and many service centres advertise to service Jaguar cars. what advice can you give to a first Jag owner about keeping costs reasonable but within the warranty guidelines ? i am based in London and there is a service centre in Tottenham and one in Barnet - hoping your advice will stop me getting my trousers pulled down. any advice at all is welcome !!!! kind regards
  2. Team Just bought Ftype S 2016 which has a spare wheel in the boot. Out of all the types I looked at this was the only one that had a spare tyre. Silly question but should I remove this from the vehicle so I can put bags in the boot. What is my alternative option ?