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  1. Thanks for your reply. First time it was so low the radio went off and the warming message come for loads of stuff. So it runs really low. Second was a full battery and I loaded it with everything turned on kept running till I turned it off at 12.7 Thanks for your help
  2. Hi everyone. Am a new one and my first xj 2.7 2009 Bought the car and on the way home the battery went flat. I just bought a new battery and charged it up. Was reading 13.2 volts engine started and battery light went out. Then I turned every thing on about 5 mins later and left it ticking over. Checked the voltage and the battery was draining. Would seam the alternator is not working? I checked the 10amp number 30 fuse in the boot and that's ok. Left it over a few nights and the battery is down slightly 12.3v What is the next check I need to do before fitting a new alternator? Is fitting one an easy job? Thanks in advance Andy
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