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  1. Ok, so I am a complete idiot !!! The fuse numbers are on the inside of the fusebox cover. Oh well, live and learn 😊
  2. Sorry, forgot to mention it is a XF-S 3.0D V6 premium luxury 2013. Gary
  3. Hi Guys This is probably a really stupid question, but how do I identify which fuse is which in the engine compartment fuse box ? There does not appear to be any fuse number markings anywhere. The rear fuse box has fuse numbers marked but I cannot see any markings in the engine compartment box. Any help would be appreciated. Regards to all Gary
  4. Hi Tom The shark fin should be tight. It is quite easy to do: Remove the rear interior light (prize out the plastic bit and once removed the light assembly slides and drops out). If you look through the lining you can see two nuts (10mm spanner I think). Tighten the nuts and job done, it will take you about 15 minutes. Hope that helps. Gary
  5. Hi all, just popped by to say hello to everyone. My new (to me) Jag is a 2013 XF 3.0 D S premium luxury and I must admit it is a joy to drive. Anyone know of a good indie garage around Evesham in Worcestershire, as she has done 91,000 and I will have to get the cam belt changed at some point soon. Regards to all Gary
  6. Hi everyone, just an update to this post in case it helps anyone else. I have solved the GPS problem by replacing The GPS pod on the roof (£26 from eBay from a scrapped car). For reference, the GPS receiver is built into the integrated audio module, which is behind the centre consul. Glad I did not have to tackle removing that. Regards Gary
  7. 2013 XF 3.0D S premium luxury: The GPS signal on the sat nav disappeared several times over the last 2 months, but usually came back ok. Now it has gone completely. I have checked the GPS antenna on the roof, and all appears to be ok as resistance checks compare with another unit. The next stage is to check the connections on the GPS receiver, but I cannot find it. I have checked behind the boot trim on both sides, and also under the front left seat. Does anybody know where I can find the GPS receiver unit ? or does anybody know why the GPS signal is missing. Any pointers would be much apprec
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