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  1. Thanks jimbov8. We have an Independent Jag garage a few miles away in Hull, Jagutech, I think I might pop in and pick their brains.
  2. Hi, My name is Clive and I have been a Jag owner for about 6 months, having bought it just before "lock down". I've long held the view that "every one should own a Jag at some time in their life" and at 65 years of age I've realised the ambition. One day in February I saw an S-type sitting on a local garage forecourt and popped in. The car was a 2004 2.5 litre petrol, one previous owner, 59000 on the clock and full service history. Twenty minutes later it was mine. It has replaced my 2002 Rover 75, itself a darn good car but getting a bit tired. I have no regrets at buying the Jag, the only irritating part being the remotes which appear to have a mind of their own, sometimes they work, sometimes they don't, and you have to stand so close to the car that you can open the door with the key. I have replaced the microswitches, battery and rubber diaphragm which worked great for 3 days, then refused. I understand it could be the Drivers Door Module. I'm a mechanic but left the trade some years ago, I understand the nuts and bolts but the electronics are a bit of a mystery. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks for letting me join. Clive
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