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  1. Hi. I'm in need of having my ABS sensor replaced, according to the error codes. A local garage can't find the part and it looks like the only option is to book it in with a dealer. I'd like to avoid that high cost, if I can. Does anyone know a good place to source these parts? Is it likely a garage would sell me one direct?
  2. Thanks for the advice, appreciate it. The S/S worked once, yesterday. It's a manual, so may just be my driving style. I've done what I think is right, so put in to neutral and apply handbrake etc. My car doesn't have a S/S battery. Though I swapped the battery like for like. It's a 65 plate and still have the original battery, so would be time for that to change soon anyway. I've reached out for quotes on the ABS sensor and hoping it's that. Otherwise it's a pricey loom for me 😞 I may regret not buying an extended warranty. Unfortunately I live in flat, do can't run a charger to the car. I've invested in a solar trickle charger, which may help a tad.
  3. OK, so @Big John wins. Battery was fine and a change hasn't solved the issue. Codes are hinting to it being the ABS sensor, offside front. Then two faults related to "High Speed CAN communication bus"... whatever that does.
  4. A useful response, thanks John. I'm booked in for a battery change, anyway, as S/S hasn't been working for the last 8 months. I hadn't really thought about it, just putting it down to me not 'activating' it properly. But if that doesn't solve things, then It'll be on to the wheel sensor next. Would be a real pain if that, and the TPMS, went at the same time. I don't have a reversing camera, only the audible sensor, which still works. That may also indicate it's not just a battery issue. I suspect I've got a duff battery, as well as some failed sensor.
  5. I'm hoping so! Fingers crossed, getting it checked in Halfords tomorrow.
  6. Just see this thread and it may have saved me! I've had exactly the same issue and most people are advising me it is likely to be a low battery. However after a 200 mile drive it's still the same. Hopefully just the ABS sensor then!
  7. I'm worrying so. Would the sensor cause the other lights to flash too? For example, I've also got the 'tyre pressure not available' warning along with no traction control etc
  8. Thanks. I borrowed a similar one from my brother, over the weekend. I got a reading of 12.4v, with the car on but not running. Currently have a solar charger on the jump points, so let's see. I drove a good 200+ miles yesterday, to British Motor Show and back. Unfortunately that didn't turn the lights off. So I'm worried it's a little more serious. If that doesn't charge the batter then what will!?
  9. Good question, that I missed. I have almost never managed to get the stop/start to actually work. So that could indicate a battery issue.
  10. I don't have means to test the voltage, I'll see if Halford's will do it for me. Has anyone tried one of the solar (overnight) trickle chargers?
  11. I tried reading codes using my Carly OBD. It seemed to cut the engine off!
  12. Thanks for the advice. I drove it for a good 30 minutes and they didn't go off. However I'll grab a charger and see what it can do.
  13. This afternoon, after a short drive and a restart, my XF displayed a series of warning lights; ABS fail, Traction Control fail, Automatic Emergency Brake fail, to name a few. Everything seemed to drive OK. When I plugged in my Carly OBD reader, when home, the car would actually switch off after a while and display and Engine Management light. I rant the engine for 45 minutes and restarted. Lights went out. Is this likely to just be a low-ish battery? I've only done a few short runs in it recently. 1189106037_CarLightsVId.mp4
  14. I currently have a relatively nice, modern XF-R Sport. It's economical and looks good. My wife has an '01 SLK 230. We've been seeing a few XJS come up on eBay at not terrible prices. Anything from £3k - £30k. I'm aware that if we went for £3k, the we've got a lot of work to do. From what I can read, the V12 isn't too powerful and is a bit of a pain to maintain. But it does have a nice V12 badge on the back. Is is worth me getting the V12, or should I go for one of the newer engines, such as the '95 4.0litre? I've seen a beautiful '84 5.3 V12, with a TWR body kit on it. 70k miles and at just over £5k. Too cheap? Will I regret owning this? I has the Lucas electronics, which is normally a bad sign. Advice please!
  15. It looks like this may have popped back up on eBay. I'm very tempted by it, but I don't have a drive or garage. JAGUAR XJS V12 5.3 SPORTS COUPE TWR RACING | eBay
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