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  1. Hi folks, A quick intro as new to this or any other Jag affiliations, but very glad to be here. My father owned a 76 XJ coupe in 78 and used it as a daily drive until it failed its MOT in 91. He then garaged it under an old carpet until 2012 and decided he wanted to use the garage again. As the car was pretty poor he was about to scrap it until I (in a moment of weakness) suggested I would take it on. Roll on a few years and countless hours scraping stripping etc I put the car back on the road in its original specification with final paint from a local Jag specialist. it drives ok but it wallows around corners and revs high at cruising speed with the old BW66. I really would like to make this beautiful car more modern to drive. So my question out there has anyone any experience with an auto conversion.? A quick internet search suggests a ZF from a XJ40 but cannot seem to find any details, if someone has done something similar it would be great to hear from you, Regards richard