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  1. False alarm guys, it was my neighbors car 💆‍♂️
  2. I was rudely awakened this morning at 3am by a horn spasming out. I look and its my XF 3d (250)PL. No it was not the alarm, the indicators where not going off and I didn't disarm it with the keys. It stopped going off on its own after a couple of minutes (after it had woken me and my neighbours) The horn sound was totally irregular, a cluster of short bursts and some looong bursts for fun? Any ideas what it could be? I feel like my local mechanics won't have the slightest clue about this niche issue. Also I won't be able to book it in until next week. I'm guessing my firs
  3. Hi John, It could well be corrosion, there is a bit of green visible. How would I go about cleaning the mating surfaces ? Is there some sort of spray cleaner ? I did use a hair dryer and kitchen roll to dry it out and it didn't seem wet today. Thanks Sam
  4. I've just 'fixed' this problem in my XFa few days ago. I replaced the vent which had a saturated seal. The water leak is making the hazard lights go off and are unable to switch them off. 2 connections (purple and brown) where getting wet, once dried it resolves the hazard light issue. This morning the hazards are going of again !! This time the connections were not wet! I was able to turn them off at the hazard switch in the cabin this time. Anyone any idea what the problem could be this time?
  5. Hi all, just to update. My xf has had a full service by a a jag specialist. There is apparently 35g of soot in the filter. He cleared the red DPF warning and I was left with an amber DPF warning He advised me to drive for at least 20mins above 60mph. I did this and it has disappeared and is driving fine. Its ironic everyone was advising me not to drive the car when it was driving that fixed it!
  6. Thanks Peter, unfortunately I can't get a service until next Monday. Would it still be safe to drive for a week in limp mode without causing expensive damage?
  7. My 2010 XF 3L Diesel PL had 'DPF full' message today. 74k on the clock, its now well over due a service by 4k. I put redex dpf cleaner on empty and filled up with premium diesel. Took it for a 70 mile drive on the motorway in sport mode, keeping revs high around 1.7 to 2.2. I think its in limp mode, very sluggish and I don't think the turbos where activating at all. After the drive I reset the car by double locking but DPF full message is still there. Im going to book a service tomorrow because I'm now worried,
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