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  1. Hi there’s nothing from that side what so ever except drl,s and indicator the new bulb works on the other side so defo the right bulb. Thanks keith
  2. Hi thanks for your help , I’ve been through the book and there isn’t an actual fuse for head lights ??
  3. Would any one know what my next move would be regarding my head light bulb it’s blown so replaced but still no joy ?? any help would be much appreciated
  4. Ah thanks very much ,I’ve just had spacers fitted and now looks so much better , unfortunately not as yet I’m going to have to get it looked at 😖
  5. Hi everyone hope you all had a good Christmas, I’ve just purchased a 2013 xfr have to say well chuffed completely different to my previous bmw m5, this new car is completely underrated . having a problem already head light bulb blown brought a new one and still no light . has anyone got experience with this the bulb was clearly blown . so a hello and please help in one go , thank you In advance.
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