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  1. Closer pic of disc and pads. My view is a second hand approved car should not have been sent out like this.
  2. That’s helpful Trooper thanks. I don’t know why there were no advisories on the MOT.
  3. Thanks Tom, here are the pictures, what do you think? It allegedly passed the MOT 2 days ago.
  4. Hi all, I am fairly new to this having only owned by 2017 F-Pace R Sport a few days. I had to click and collect (in poor light) due to current circumstances. I inspected bodywork and inside etc but wasn’t able to look underneath until I got home. Out of interest I looked underneath yesterday and was shocked by the poor state and significant amount of rust present including on the discs. I’ll post pictures later but any advice would be gratefully received. It has only done 25,000 miles.
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