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  1. Hi Peter, Thanks for the info and book recommendations. It’s a really nice car so I would ideally like to keep it but i have limited knowledge of jags and have two other classics, a Honda and Merc. The car was purchased from an auction and my original plan was to sell the Honda and have the jag restored but due to COVID and my work situation, I am now thinking it would be better to keep the two working cars and find a new home for the jag. The car is in good condition with zero rust or welding required but does need some work to get it started. For starters, it needs the fuel draining,
  2. Hi, I have recently purchased this jaguar and I am looking for further information on the model and whether it’s a special edition ? I’ve not ever seen another jaguar with this kit so I suspect it’s a one off special edition with factory fitted body kit. I was not supplied with any paperwork as the vehicle was a barn find but I do have the registration and Vin number : Please can someone advise if this car is indeed a special edition and worth keeping ? VIN number : SAJJNADW3DA149931 Does anyone know how many of these were built and if the kit is factory appro
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