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  1. Thanks Big Jon, The car went to Marshall's Jaguar in Peterborough. They have a lot of franchises, including Jaguar, and it went to their own body shop which is Jaguar approved. I'll change the fob batteries this weekend (just to rule that out, unlikely to be the culprit I know). If that fails, I'll get back in touch with Jaguar and will report back how it goes! Very happy to be on the forum, and have my eye on the new XF, when they are available second hand and any bugs have been ironed out!
  2. Hi everyone. New to this forum but need some help please. Recently had Jaguar carry out a bodywork repair to the rear quarter of the car (rear end shunt) (XF 2017 model). When we picked it up, it had the low battery warning for the car battery. Everything seemed fine. Then the following day, the key fobs have started playing up. One key fob will only intermittently unlock the car (and allow it to start), the reserve key fob doesn't want to work at all. Could it be a simple case of needing new key fob batteries, or could something else be amiss? I imagine the car battery was disconnect
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