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  1. Hi Alex, there is a bank of plugs next to the fuse board check they are all good, I disturbed one last weekend when working under dash and it stop locking system from working properly
  2. Hi fazerscotty, I fitted replacement TCM at weekend problem solved all faults gone. How did you get on with yours
  3. transmission control module
  4. Hi all I have posted already due to gear box fault warning, pride owner of 07 X type 3.0 sovereign estate 70.000 miles Dave L
  5. Replacement TCM ordered on Ebay, hopefully problem solved by next weeking
  6. Looks like it's the water ingress problem, removed the TCM today and the circuit board corroded and pins corroded, cleaned everything and will test tomorrow, mean time better get on Ebay
  7. Used OBD Reader at the weekend had 2 codes stored P0743 Torque converter clutch circuit electrical & P0915 Gear shift position circuit range/performance any ideas where to start
  8. Thanks Tom, picking up a OBD reader later, will read codes tomorrow got to drive back to bristol from exeter first.
  9. Gearbox fault showing on dash car drives ok, but no reverse lights or parking sensors, when manually selecting gear car drives in full auto mode. anyone???
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