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  1. Update. Thanks very much for the advice. In the event, the problem cured itself after 2 days. The only thing of note was that on the morning of failure it was exceptionally cold and very foggy. Despite there being no visible or traceable damp anywhere inside the car and under the bonnet would have been hot after a 60 mile round trip, I can only think that moisture had disrupted the circuitry and it took 2 days to dry out. So far so good, even after prolonged heavy rain but I'll have to wait for the next freezing and foggy day to see what happens.
  2. Good Morning everyone, I'm after some help before having to sell an arm or a leg to pay for an upcoming repair! My keys have stopped working! None of the buttons on either key are recognized by the car and the key "isn't found" when starting. Accordingly, I am having to lock/unlock with the emergency key (sets the alarm off of course) and start the engine using the sensor pad under the dash. It is NOT either the main battery which has not been disconnected and is fully charged (according to the AA) nor the fob batteries which have just been replaced. The problem started with non
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