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  1. Thanks wayne its a shame car sitting wasting away even jaguar main dealer cant help unless i leave it with them for 5 DAYS at a cost of £1248 per day thats crazy over £6000 just to look
  2. Hi guys im new on here and dont know if im doing things correct i put up a post but looks like its not been viewed . I have a gorgeous i owner xj 350 2003 i got water in the ecu behind pollen filter so i bought identical numbers matching ecu from jag dealer i have fitted it and had guy here with computer to match everything up door locks etc all working unfortunately he cant get the steering column code accepted i dropped the column and got the numbers off it but still no joy its still immobilized anyone here steer me in right direction Many thanks tom
  3. Hi guys i have x350 pollen filter housing filled with water soaked through to ecu have bought a second hand matching numbers ecu from jaguar dealer have fitted in got a guy who does jags to come reprogram ecu to car he has locks operating but cant seem to get steering column to code i dropped the column so i could get the numbers but no joy when entered can anyone steer me in right direction to fix this as car is mint 1 owner hsbc bank so dont want to scrap it Thanks tom
  4. Hi guys im tom just joined today i have this x350 2003 got water in the ecu behind pollen filter got replacement with correct numbers fitted had mechanic here with computer keys are matched to ecu but cant get steering column ie immobilizer to match have dropped the column and got the code from there but computer wont accept.Any ideas guys thanks tom
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