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  1. It’s not sounding blown out and can’t see any gas coming out. Long left is my question to needing replace or can it be patched?
  2. My reprogrammed spare fob works perfectly in every way except. When I insert it in the dock it spits straight out again saying check smart key. I know I don’t have to dock it in but just wonder why the original key docks ok with no error message
  3. Would anyone have a workshop owners manual they could send a link to or upload for a 2012 Jaguar XF 2.2 S LE 🙏 Thanks
  4. As can be seen from the photo attached the boot around the ball joint at the end of my control arm is looking perished. My question is would this be a quick case of undoing the nut below it, sliding off the old rubber boot and putting a new similar size one on like in the other photo Ive attached and doing the nut up again ?
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