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  1. Dear Trevor, Thank you for finding the time to reply and your welcoming note. My mechanic - to whom I have been loyal for over 20 years - and who knows how how much I believe (being an engineer myself) that any car can only be as good as the quality of the service which it receives over the years, said the same thing which you did. "Joe, you have enough experience, just watch the temp and the oil pressure light in case it starts to flicker and any noises or any odd and not normal instances - and it should be as good as any of the 2 Merc cars you have." Besides this I continued
  2. Hi Dave, I am new to Jags but over 30 years exp., on Mercs. If you are suspecting the EGR (and that code could be telling you, hey Man I am choking down here)- you can use additive to temporarily solve the problem of a sick engine. But if you are after a lower total cost to own the car long term, you had better get them cleaned since the cost would A. be far less that the serious engine damage and expensive repair this could cause and B- the improvement in pulling power and fuel consumption would be significant.
  3. Basically I am from Malta aged 69, very experienced with Mercedes cars but fell in love with this one owner Jaguar S 2.7 V6 Diesel Automatic which has 154,000 miles on it but has always been serviced at Jaguar Agent - Always garaged - in as new condition inside and out - And I could not resist its looks to start with (to me its timeless) the drive, the pulling power at such low revs is a dream to me even though I have a 2.7 Merc Tdi Diesel.......... The thing is, the service history clearly shows that apart from the cam belts that were replaced at 100K Miles + 2 other belts and tensioner
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