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  1. Hi, I hope someone can help me. I lost the key to my car ( the only one I had) and my son broke into the car I I thought maybe I had dropped it into the boot, Finally got in and no joy. I have scoured everywhere but no luck in finding the key. Got a specialist out and he has cut two keys for me but the car won't let him code it. It has an immobiliser on and keeps asking for a password or code. It gives him a set of numbers that he has to send somewhere for the password but no clue where this code needs to be sent to. This is driving my insane now as I live in a fairly s
  2. I have had a guy out and he has now cut me two keys but the immobiliser has come on and says it needs a password. The problem is that he got a passcode from his equipment and it send to send the passive to get the password but no inkling of where to send this passcode. I really need my car as I am stir crazy in this lockdown. Does anyone know who I contact or where to send this code to get the code to remove the immobiliser
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