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  1. What makes you think it's a diesel @Malscull? never seen one with coil packs and spark plugs!! Spent hours tuning SU's, Webers etc. but not so sure they were fitted to 2002 'S'Types @Chidders that's not to say you might not have a leak in the petrol feed somewhere, very often at a 'union' connection to the injector array. Advice re torch etc. very sound @Nichole !!! S
  2. Thanks so much for this @ChrisC really useful info. My budget might allow for a 2017 or '18 R-Sport P250 so I might be lucky! (assuming swmbo as 'management' is not working to a very different and much reduced budget!!😍) Interesting that they should now be a chargeable option and inexpensive by Jaguar 'options'! Any other views, comments or observations on the 'marque' would be welcomed as would any points or weakness I might look out for.
  3. Considering used XE. don't do than many miles these days so petrol preferred. Open to all models but still ageing 'petrol head' so P250 engined models appear to be 'the one' to go for! For the life of me, I can't work out which models do or don't come with gear shift paddles. Current car has them and I really would like them again! Can all you Jag experts out there point me in the right direction as to which modes have this feature please? Any other advice very much welcomed. Thank you in advance.
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