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  1. Thanks Trevor... I've definitely got a lot to learn about these great cars
  2. Hello from the US, Very happy to have just found this forum looking for a fix for a battery issue on my used 2017 F Type R... 2 weeks since purchase and low battery warning message followed shortly after by complete darkness... (Couldn't even open the glove box to get out the owner's manual!) Youtube to the rescue to get into the car but took some online searching to figure out the underlying issue. Have since purchased the (US version) battery charger C2P25122 from the dealer along with C2P23121 harness after some discussion with the parts manager at our local dealer. Apparently, this problem is not widely known by service departments although there is a kit available from Jaguar for putting the battery on charge when not in use, so it must not be uncommon. The downside of all those fancy electronic gadgets I guess... I'm pleased to find a group of like minded enthusiasts... Regards, Steve
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