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  1. Many thanks Jim - I'd read somewhere that charging at the battery or removing the battery may cause BMS problems. Spoke to a nearby independent who suggested using the terminals under the bonnet. All good now and battery maintenance is underway. Alloys and brakes should be refurbished a lot early than previously mentioned. Best regards. John
  2. My XE will be laid up for a few months and I am considering attaching a Battery Charger/Conditioner to maintain the battery. Q. Should I go direct onto the battery in the boot or use the terminals under the bonnet? I regularly use battery chargers/Conditioners on my motorbikes and I do have the correct charger for the car its just I cant find any info on the XE for correctly attaching a unit that will monitor the battery's condition and "condition" as required. Many thanks
  3. Seems the word "!Removed!" in my 2nd post is not acceptable - Just goes to show the moderators are doing there jobs
  4. Works for me Colin, As the car is a recent purchase and the drivers manual is a little sparse on DEF instructions I had no idea as to how much was in the tank, if I should I top it up or wait for a dash warning light? Being a little concerned with some previous posts on this subject i was Just trying to get all the info to make an informed decision. That's now be done by Jaguar and the folks on this forum so will look forward to trouble free motoring for at least 12 months!!!!
  5. Thanks for the info Colin. Your thoughts and clarification most welcome.
  6. Trooper 2142 - No way to check now I'm afraid - but was given that figure by Jaguar Service on collection of the car last night - Perhaps that's for a complete flush and refill from empty , figure quoted from their maintenance schedule! They just said it was a 20ltr tank and to drop back in if I had any DEF warning lights etc. They did say though that it's a possible to top up the reservoir whilst the engine is running to prevent air locks and improve the mixture!!, also not to buy from a garage forecourt! many thanks
  7. Hi Tom Many thanks for your in-depth and informative reply. The 2017 (Dec) 20D 180 Portfolio doesn't have a fluid check facility on the service menu!!! How !Removed! annoying is that? Also been informed that the AdBlue tank takes 20ltrs (if Empty!!) which has now been fully checked and topped up during the service. I noticed some crystallisation around the DEF cap when I took a look so did the usual and scanned the Forums I purchased the car a week ago with a "Service/Maintenance issue" that came to light after I had paid!! . Instead of returning the car we agreed a full Jaguar dealership "B service £££££!!!! " which is not due until December would rectify the problem. Amazingly and at there cost they agreed as I think they where having problems selling due to the 5 year Luxury Road Tax charges. It went to jaguar yesterday and passed with a full/clean bill of health. To be fair Jaguar and the dealer I purchased it from have been very good in every respect. Many thanks for your help.
  8. Informed yesterday by Jaguar that AdBlue DEF Fluid used for "top-ups" must be up to the standard's specified by jaguar in the owners manual otherwise a warning light will be displayed as the levels drop and damage may be caused! Even though I have located DEF liquid at more reasonable (not Cheap) prices and it has the same standards as quoted by jaguar they told me that the "Specific Gravity" SG may be different to the jaguar version and will cause "Layering" of the 2 liquids as they will not mix together in the tank - cant remember fully but I think it displays !DEF Fluid Mixture Error! Would appreciate your thoughts as I've purchased 10 litrs of RedEx Ablue for "just in case" emergency. Your thoughts and experiences greatly appreciated.
  9. Many thanks Joe - will take a look.
  10. Thanks Joe. I've looked at this page/link before but its not very descriptive - Have approached my local dealer for a itemised list but as yet nothing has arrived. Best regards. John.
  11. Looking for a link where I can find what's inspected, maintained and/or replaced on a 21K and 42k service. On-Line Service Info is quite minimalistic but for the cost I want to see what's being done. (Apart from me that is£££££!!!! ) The vehicle has not got a "Service Booklet" per say - so I can take an educated guess or ask your folks - :-))) Many thanks for your assistance so far>
  12. Many thanks folks. The car was advertised and purchased fully loaded with what I thought was all the optional extras - (Sunroof - 19" alloys -etc) the only exception and I missed this when viewing was ACC!! We have ACC on our golf estate and have used it from time to time . We knew that the XE had initially been registered and later sold as an Ex Jaguar Management Vehicle + 1 private owner I assumed ACC was fitted ! . I took a look to check the "radar" box after posting this query and could not see the box of tricks is behind the rad grill - Thought maybe they had fitted it on the top of the windscreen/elsewhere using just a smaller remote sensor to a hidden box. However, I wont miss it and I'm not disappointed as its very rare I slip into "Cruise" mode even on the motorway and we have it fitted on our golf. I do tend to use the "limiter" in town or urban areas as its saved me a good few quid in the past!!! Many thanks
  13. Having had ACC on previous VW cars I'm very familiar with its activation, operation and settings. My "new" car is advertised as having ACC when I purchased it but I'm now doubting its actually fitted Its normally visible on a VW with the presence of a black box either in or behind the radiator grill but i dont know if thats the case with an XE Also Ive not been able to access the menu settings for ACC. which leads me to think its not been fitted and is a typo in the advert I have followed the instructions on p125-133 of the manual but to no avail. 1. Is their a "sub menu" in the system somewhere that I haunt found? 2. It states in the manual that some features and settings are not available unless the engine is running - Is the ACC one of them? 3 .Is the menu/settings for ACC only available when travelling with the cruise control set? It may be that ACC is an "extra" that wasn't fitted! All responses very much appreciated.
  14. Thanks Ian. I've had a chat with Jaguar this morning and they don't think its a fault. Its definitely in D when I pull up and stationary They've suggested I disable "paddle shift" in the drivers menu system and see if it still happens. They've also suggested that if it happens again to hold in the + paddle for approx 2 seconds which will then reset back to "D" mode. Needed to ask the question to see if it had happened to anyone else. Jaguar also mentioned that I may have just lightly touched the paddle shift levers when adjusting / placing my hands back on the steering wheel just prior to pulling away which would be enough to change the mode to paddle shift. Will leave the post open too see if I get anymore responses. Many thanks.
  15. Purchased an 18 plate 2.0 XE Portfolio last Wednesday. Have driven Automatics and used paddle shift for years and I'm hoping the issue I have will be easily clarified. 3 occasions now that when in "D" mode whilst waiting for lights to change or being parked up with the engine running I have pulled away only to notice that the dash gear indicator has changed from "D" to a gear number with a green light telling me to up-shift with the paddles for the next gear! This may be a fault between the steering wheel and the seat (Me!) accidentally touching the paddle shift but on each occasion I have had to manually change up using the paddles until the gear indicator reverts back to "D" and all reverts back to normal. I'm hoping this is just "New Car Syndrome" and "Operator Error. I would appreciate any info as to if this a known fault (No info on this forum about this issue) or a possible cause so I can contact the dealer ASAP or I need to adjust my driving skills for this car!!! All responses very much appreciated.
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